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Ebola: Fifteen Years of Silence

  “The music is not in the notes, but the silence in between.”   – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   If one were to describe the history of Ebola outbreaks, one method would be to construct a timeline, with a point on the line for each outbreak.  You could create this timeline with a varying number of […]

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Louisiana Proposes that the Federal Government Bypass Patent Restrictions to Acquire Cheaper Hepatitis C Drugs

Anyone who follows U.S. public health issues – or who reads my blog posts – knows that the cost of the drugs needed to treat Hepatitis C infections is very high. The cost of these drugs is of particular concern to state health authorities who are charged with providing health care for Medicaid recipients and […]

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Constitutional Challenge to Ohio HIV Criminalization Law

This post was written by Sean Bland and Safura Abdool Karim, a 2017 Global Health Law LL.M. Candidate at Georgetown University Law Center. On May 17, 2017, the Supreme Court of Ohio will hear oral arguments in State of Ohio v. Batista, a constitutional challenge to an Ohio law (R.C. 2903.11(B)(1)), which makes it a […]

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At the Intersection of Brain Development & the Criminal Justice System: Young Adult Courts

This post was written by Laura Malavé-Seda and Rebecca Reingold. In the summer of 2015, San Francisco established the U.S.’s first Young Adult Court (YAC), which strives to align opportunities for accountability and transformation with the unique needs and developmental stage of eligible young adults, ages 18-25. It acknowledges the fact that “[o]ur traditional justice system […]

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“Speaking truth to power:” a call for praxis in human rights

This message was written by Alicia Ely Yamin, O’Neill Institute Director, Health and Human Rights Initiative and originally published by Open Democracy. Any comments or questions can be directed to [email protected] While conservative populist nationalism surged in the last year, I do not agree that its ascendance was inevitable. But I do believe that the human […]

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