Summer has arrived with strength and with it the desire to travel, to have fun and to disconnect; however, it is also a perfect season to relax certain healthy habits such as those of our diet, making some mistakes in our diet.


We believe it is important to continue taking care of ourselves at this time of year. In order to do this, from Mifarma, we want to give you some advice and propose a list of basic foods essential to maintain a healthy diet also in summer.

With heat it is essential to be well hydrated throughout the day. In our diet can not miss vegetables, fruits and vegetables that will help you with this goal and will save you from the feeling of having eaten too abundantly, but do not forget to drink plenty of water, is the fastest and most effective way to get that hydration.

The only danger with fruit is that you don’t get enough when you eat it and you may feel like eating other things or snacking between meals. A solution for this is to mix it with oat flakes, nuts, low sugar cereals, … that is, combine it with other types of fiber.


It is also very important to know how to distinguish hedonic foods, these are foods that we crave for the pure pleasure of eating, even if our body is already satiated and nourished, we want to eat things like chocolate, cakes, cookies, pickles, … foods with very low nutritional content.

Some theories relate the desire for food with certain moods and physical states, if you crave sweet foods, you can have a great physical tension and suffer danger of contractures. Your body looks for this type of food because it produces a sensation of relaxation; on the contrary, if you feel like salty food, you will have to observe your arterial health and your hydration level.


It helps to maintain the hydration of the skin and provides us with vitamin E, as it contains polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. It is a revitalizing fruit, rich in potassium and low in cholesterol and triglycerides.

Taken soaked or crushed will benefit your intestinal flora and help you in cases of constipation caused by travel and changes in the type of water you drink.

They contain a large amount of carotenes, which makes them ideal for combating the harmful effects of the environment on your hair; it will keep it soft and silky. They help you get a faster tan and protect your skin from the inside. They are also rich in potassium and phosphorus.

Contains a lot of fiber, helping to maintain stable glucose levels and helping not to peck between meals. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, and will help you if you intend to purify and lose weight.

They are one of the most nutritious fruits you can find. Their skin contains a substance called ursolic acid that will help increase muscle tone and prevent fatigue.

Bananas contain a lot of serotonin, melatonin and magnesium, which will relax your muscles and help you sleep naturally. Thanks to potassium reduce blood pressure and gives you a great energy.

These nuts are highly recommended as a source of energy for athletes, for its contribution in fiber and Omega 3. It is also a great food for our brain.

It is a refreshing food with a high water content and a source of vitamin C. For children it is very important to keep their immune system in full working as well as moisturize and be easy to digest.

We hope that with this post you have become clear which are the essential basic foods in summer.