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Law’s Power to Safeguard Global Health: LJD Week 2015

This week several members of the O’Neill Institute attended and participated in the World Bank’s Law, Justice and Development Week program. On Tuesday morning, members of the Institute led a session on “Law’s Power to Safeguard Global Health.” I moderated the session, and was fortunate to be joined by one of the Co-Chairs of The Lancet […]

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Vote Food 2016: An open letter to all candidates running for office

Today, four of America’s preeminent voices in food policy published A National Food Policy for the 21st Century. In their memo to the next president, Mark Bittman, Michael Pollan, Ricardo Salvador, and Olivier De Schutter laid out a comprehensive framework for untangling the myriad laws, regulations, and social mores that make up America’s troubled food […]

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Peanut Brothers Go to Prison. Lessons Learned.

Today, food safety advocates are cheering the unprecedented magnitude of judicial sentences delivered against two company executives (who also happen to be brothers) who knowingly sent peanut butter tainted with salmonella into interstate commerce. A federal judge in Georgia sentenced one brother to 28 years in jail and the other to 20 years (a plant manager also […]

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2016: The year of the science pledge?

It seems with every election cycle in the United States politicians are requested to sign various new types of pledges. Pledges not to raise taxes, pledges to support the eventual party nominee, pledges regarding campaign finance, etc. The concept of a pledge is not unique to the U.S. election cycle – other countries’ politicians take […]

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From M&E to M&E&A: Accountable action to realize the Sustainable Development Goals

A survey in Afghanistan last year found that an incredible 18% of the 800 respondents – patients at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) hospitals in four different parts of the country – reported that in the course of just the previous year (2013), a friend or relative had died because they could not access health care. […]

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Synthetic drugs: prohibition’s latest creation

The last months in DC have seen a huge spike in emergency room cases due to overdoses from so-called synthetic drugs. Fire and EMS departments reported 21 cases in August of 2012 and 50 in May 2014. In June of this year that number had risen to 439. This problem is not unique to DC […]

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“That Sugar Film”: The O’Neill Institute Goes to the Movies

Each summer, staff at the O’Neill Institute gather to informally enjoy and discuss films covering events in public health. This summer, the majority of the movies – Food, Inc., Fed Up and Food Chains – focused on the role that the food industry plays in shaping American eating habits.  The O’Neill Institute wrapped up its summer movie series with a […]

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Developing Better Worldwide Solutions to Manage Brucellosis: Good for People, Good for Goats (Animals)

This post was written by Sharon Jackson, an independent consultant.  Any questions about the post can be directed to Infectious diseases, especially those that have been controlled in countries with advanced economies but continue to threaten developing countries, pose a particularly difficult challenge in many areas of the world. Zoonotic diseases, infectious illnesses that […]

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How many people lack access to health care? (Hint: More than WHO and the World Bank report)

Not long ago, WHO and the World Bank came out of with a report that led to headlines like this one in the New York Times: “400 Million Lack Basic Health Services, Report Finds.” And no wonder these were the type of headlines that emerged. The World Bank’s own press release led with the same 400 […]

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Get Your Free Health Care…. From ISIS

This post was written by Grace Kyallo, a high school student and intern at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law. Any questions about the post can be directed to I could not even make it through the first thirty seconds of the fifteen-minute long propaganda video without cringing. There is a […]

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