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New litigation challenges Big Soda’s marketing strategy

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This blog post was co-authored by Javier Saladich, a Summer Research Intern at the O’Neill Institute. Javier is a third year law student at ESADE Business and Law School in Barcelona, Spain. Last month, two prominent African American pastors and a public health organization sued a major soda manufacturer and soda industry body, alleging that […]

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More sugar industry interference: this time with ads warning of the health effects of soda

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Last week, we learned that the sugar industry paid Harvard scientists to minimize the link between sugar and heart disease, blaming saturated fat instead. Unfortunately, scientific evidence isn’t the only thing the industry has been influencing: a soda company in Colombia has successfully pushed for the suspension of a television advertisement warning the public about […]

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Exclude sugary drinks from nutrition program, but exclude stigma too

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Recent years have seen periodic calls for unhealthy foods, most prominently sugary drinks, to be excluded from items that can be purchased through the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP is the federally-funded program that helps low-income people in the United States, presently about 45 million, pay for food. Several states and locales have sought […]

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Sugary drinks: New evidence on damage to cognitive development & Soda’s expansion into low and middle-income countries

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I’ve previously written about just how important the first three years of life are for brain development, and how food insecurity, malnutrition, stress and abuse can disrupt normal development of brain architecture and circuitry with life-long repercussions. This week, a study came out suggesting that exposure to something much more ubiquitous may have a similar […]

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