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Recalling that Infectious Diseases Know No Borders | Global Health Security Is a Win-Win for the Trump Administration

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This week, the Trump Administration unveiled its proposed budget, calling for cuts in a number of agencies. The proposal will need to be approved by Congress before it can be enacted. As lawmakers take this on, I found it necessary to re-publish an old post from November of last year, following the election, for its relevance. The […]

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The Global Virome Project: Understanding Our Viral Enemies to Create a Safer World

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There is no doubt that viruses, emerging and re-emerging, have become an imminent global health threat. Starting in 2014, we saw the decimation of West African countries as a result of the Ebola epidemic. Soon after came the Zika outbreak that continues to pose a threat to countries in the Americas and around the world. Since December […]

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Global Health Security: What Could Be an Easy Win-Win for the Trump Administration

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If there is anything that we have learned from the Ebola crisis and the Zika outbreak in the Americas is that public health surveillance and response systems are critical to ensuring health security at the national and global levels. Health systems that ensure strong surveillance and rapid response to disease threats are the key to minimizing the […]

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