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National Health Equity Strategies to Implement the Global Promise of SDGs

[This blog was originally posted in the Health and Human Rights Journal as parts of its series of blogs on the Sustainable Development Goals, and is re-posted here with permission.] “No one will be left behind.” The bold promise at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) must guide their implementation. This requires utterly […]

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The Global Migration Crisis, International Law, And The Responsibility To Protect Health

This post was written by Lawrence O. Gostin, University Professor at Georgetown University and O’Neill Institute Faculty Director and Anna Roberts, O’Neill Institute Law Fellow.  It was originally published in the Health Affairs Blog on September 29, 2015, and the excerpt is posted here with permission of the authors.  The views presented here are their […]

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Upcoming Global Health Law Leader: Estefania Palomino on Women’s Health and Social Justice

A few weeks back, we welcomed our new class of students in our Global Health Law LL.M. Program. As the Director of the program, I could not be more enthusiastic about what this group of students will offer their communities and the world once they leave the program. As their advisor, I have the pleasure of getting to know […]

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Mustard Use by ISIL and the Chemical Weapons Convention

This post was written by Sharon Jackson, an independent consultant.  Any questions about the post can be directed to It is a rare occasion that an arms control treaty can help in an ongoing public health crisis. The Islamic state’s use of toxic chemicals against civilians in Iraq and Syria has exposed noncombatants and […]

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The World’s Fair – taking a stance on food sustainability towards the future

Since the 19th century, World’s Fairs have gathered people from many parts of the world, allowing countries to show their most recent technological advances and their culture, as well as promoting their homelands. Ever since the first world’s fair in London in 1851, the goals of these events have been both high-minded as well as commercial. As […]

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Welcome Global Health Law LL.M. Students

Today marks the start of classes at Georgetown Law—the classrooms and hallways will once again be filled with students. As the law school welcomes the new class of students, the phrase “we have been waiting for you” found its way in many of the speeches made during orientation. And we have indeed. For the O’Neill Institute for […]

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“I’d like to see the last Guinea worm die before I do”

Former U.S. President, Noble Peace Prize winner and member of The Elders, Jimmy Carter, recently announced he was diagnosed with cancer. We wish him well. During his press conference announcing his diagnosis, he made the following comment when asked about his remaining priorities for the Carter Center: “I would like to see Guinea worm completely […]

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John Oliver: Jon Stewart’s legacy on public health

Last semester I taught a course on public health law. There was hardly an issue we covered that did not have an astute The Daily Show with Jon Stewart segment to help the students understand not just the health issue, but also its underlying political and legal conditions. Many of the clips are captured here […]

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How many people lack access to health care? (Hint: More than WHO and the World Bank report)

Not long ago, WHO and the World Bank came out of with a report that led to headlines like this one in the New York Times: “400 Million Lack Basic Health Services, Report Finds.” And no wonder these were the type of headlines that emerged. The World Bank’s own press release led with the same 400 […]

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The Ebola Vaccine: Where in union there is strength

Excitement and promise are the prevailing reactions to the interim results of the Ebola vaccine rVSV-ZEBOB (also known as the “Canadian vaccine”) trial. To date, the vaccine has proven 100% successful and shown to have few side effects, which particularly impressive for a live vaccine. In addition, it has been well tolerated. As expected, many […]

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