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A Cause for Celebration: The Americas Lead the Way on Health for Older Persons

This post was co-authored by Ana Ayala and Lois Sheng Liu. On June 15, the 45th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) approved the Inter-American Convention on Protecting the Human Rights of Older Persons, the very first legally-binding instrument that directly protects the rights of older persons, including their right to health […]

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Subway supports the American Diabetes Association in more ways than one. Starting with Soda.

I went to Subway for lunch yesterday. When I checked out I was offered the chance to get a second sub for free, if I made a donation to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) AND bought a 30-ounce soda. In other words, contribute to fight diabetes while drinking about 20 teaspoons of sugar! The irony […]

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MERS in Korea: Why This Outbreak Can Be Stopped Soon

This post was written by Daniel R. Lucey, Adjunct Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at the Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) and a Senior Scholar at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law. Any questions or comments about the post can be directed to The original post appeared on the CSIS Korea […]

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O’Neill Institute Briefing: “Ebola, the World Health Organization, and Beyond: Toward a Framework for Global Health Security”

The West African Ebola epidemic has demonstrated that the world remains ill-prepared to respond to infectious disease outbreaks. A host of institutions are now reviewing what went wrong, and new institutions are being considered, including an African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Bank-initiated Pandemic Emergency Facility. The World Health Organization itself failed […]

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What We Know (and Don’t Know) About the South Korean MERS-CoV Outbreak

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) has been circulating since at least April 2012. Since then it has been confined largely to the Middle East (with some notable exceptions). The two weeks have seen the largest outbreak of the disease outside of the region, with at least 41 MERS-CoV cases and 4 deaths in South […]

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Global Health Security: A Focus on Prevention

It was a subtle shift. In January, in a special session on Ebola, the World Health Organization’s Executive Board called for WHO’s Director-General to provide options for a contingency fund in the context of WHO’s “need for adequate resources for [its] preparedness, surveillance and response work.” For a moment, it seemed that any additional resources that WHO […]

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Put away your cigarettes and lighters, May 31 is World #NoTobacco Day!

This Sunday, put away your cigarettes and lighters and turn on your “reflecting caps.” May 31 marks World No Tobacco Day (WNTD), one of the eight major global health days observed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other public health advocates worldwide. On this day, we reflect on the various health risks associated with […]

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JAMA Forum: Critical Choices for the WHO After the Ebola Epidemic

This post was written by O’Neill Institute Faculty Director, Lawrence O. Gostin. It originally appeared in JAMA Forum. The original posting can be found here. In the aftermath of an unconscionably inadequate response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, this year’s World Health Assembly was seen as critically important to the future of the […]

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Can we please stop fixating on weight loss as the solution to the obesity epidemic?

Last Friday, I felt very uneasy when I came across an article in the Washington Post about the obesity epidemic, in which a doctor declared that “exercise alone won’t make you lose weight”. Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist, writes that despite an ever-growing fitness industry, obesity continues to surge around the world. Focusing solely on the […]

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How to Follow the 2015 World Health Assembly

Author’s Note: Since this was published, the World Health Organization has announced that, for the first time in its history, the deliberations of the Plenary, Committee A and Committee B will be webcast and available to the general public. Live webcasts can be viewed here. In 10 days, delegates from World Health Organization member states will gather to […]

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