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A healthy dose of film at AFI DOCS Festival

AFI DOCS, the nation’s capital’s biggest documentary film festival is back! This year, the festival created by the American Film Institute and the Discovery Channel in order to showcase the best in national and international documentaries, will run from June 22-26 in multiple venues in DC and Silver Spring, Maryland.  The festival has been providing us […]

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On May 25, 2016, Amnesty International released its long-awaited policy and supporting research in support of the decriminalization of sex work. The policy was based on evidence that the criminalization of sex work often makes sex workers less safe and provides impunity for abusers because sex workers are often too scared of being penalized to […]

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Litigation is forcing States to finally stop restricting Hepatitis C treatment for Medicaid recipients

Last week, a federal judge in Washington State ruled that the state Medicaid authority cannot place undue limitations on access to Hepatitis C (HCV) drugs for patients, as Medicaid has the duty to provide “medically necessary” treatment to the patients it covers. Until this ruling, many states, including Washington, citing the high cost of the […]

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Mexico’s first real attempt to legalize cannabis

Last week, Mexican Senator Roberto Gil Zuarth, introduced a bill that would legalize cannabis, both for medical and personal use. This is only the last of a few drastic changes that Mexico has undertaken in recent months surrounding its marihuana policy. In the last six months, the Supreme Court has ruled on two cases on the issue. The […]

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HHS guidance on syringe service programs provides substantive support for HCV and HIV infection reduction efforts among injection drug users.

On March 29, 2016, the Department of Health and Human Services released guidance to assist state and local health departments to request permission to use federal funds for Syringe Support Programs (SSPs). This guidance is in response to bipartisan legislation passed in December 2015 that relaxed previous restrictions on federal funds being used for any […]

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