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No place to run: The forgotten vulnerabilities of the stateless

Co-written by Anna Roberts & Mehgan Gallagher The world is facing a significant humanitarian crisis around forced migration with millions fleeing their homes to escape violence, war and persecution. In parallel to the forced migration crisis is a significant, vulnerable and often overlooked group of individuals, those who are stateless. A stateless person is someone […]

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O’Neill Institute Hosts Meeting to discuss improving Hepatitis C data collection and surveillance

On September 19th, the Hepatitis C Policy Project hosted a meeting at the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC to discuss strategies to improve data collection and case surveillance for Hepatitis C in the United States. Thought leaders from a range of public health backgrounds, – including physicians, patient advocates, researchers and federal agency directors […]

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The Exorbitant Pricing of Pharmaceuticals is in the News. Again.

This week the pharmaceutical pricing discussion centers on Mylan, and its 548% boost in the price of EpiPens. The press coverage and industry promises are a familiar scene: a large drug company buys a well-established medication or technology, and then raises the price. There is outrage, there are statements of promises and remedies, and then […]

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The Public Health of Private Prison Healthcare

This post was written by Katie Gottschalk and Rebecca Reingold. On August 18th, the United States Justice Department declared its plan to end the use of privately run prisons. Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates made the announcement after officials concluded that private prison facilities are both less safe and less effective at providing correctional services than those […]

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Global health, civil society, and a growing threat

In how many ways is civil society integral to achieving the health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? In a recent article in Globalization and Health, Julia Smith, Kent Buse, and Case Gordon identify eight ways. I will offer thoughts on several of them, and suggest that given the importance of civil society to the SDGs and […]

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