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GET YOUR FLU SHOT, OR WE ALL PAY THE PRICE! Unvaccinated adults are a costly economic burden every year in the U.S.

    Many of us have seen the signs at work, gotten the emails from our health care insurer, or heard the ads on the radio telling us that it is flu season, and thus time to get an annual flu shot.  Many Americans will comply with this yearly health edict, but many will challenge medical wisdom […]

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This post was written by Gian Luca Burci, Distinguished Visitor from Practice, Georgetown Law and Adjunct Professor of International Law, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. Any questions of comments can be directed to The global epidemic of non-communicable diseases (NCD) is in good part caused by unhealthy consumption of food and […]

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Welcome to America’s opioid epidemic: where more people are hooked on prescription painkillers than tobacco

Two weeks ago, CNN released a great informative guide to American on drugs. After reaching out to every state for the latest statistics on drug deaths, they found that drug deaths continue to rise rapidly in many states, especially deaths due to overdoses. Drugs are now the leading cause of accidental death in this country, having […]

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When the Status Quo Feels like a Victory

This week Polish residents took to the streets. Dressed in black, they stood together in protest of a complete ban on access to abortion in their already conservative country. In Poland’s Communist era of the 1960s and 70s, abortions were easily available and cheap, with other European women even making the trip across the Iron […]

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No place to run: The forgotten vulnerabilities of the stateless

Co-written by Anna Roberts & Mehgan Gallagher The world is facing a significant humanitarian crisis around forced migration with millions fleeing their homes to escape violence, war and persecution. In parallel to the forced migration crisis is a significant, vulnerable and often overlooked group of individuals, those who are stateless. A stateless person is someone […]

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