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Starvation in Nigeria, a Simple Proposal, and a Painting for Tomorrow

Sometimes do you feel a need to say something because an injustice calls out to you, demands your voice, all our voices, however much our calls may be lost in the din? Such was my feeling when reading about the world’s yawn in response to one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, a famine that […]

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India’s Surrogacy Debate

India has emerged as the world’s “surrogacy hub”. Infertile couples and, increasingly, gay couples and single women from different countries are paying Indian women to carry their embryos through to birth. While the surrogacy industry in India is extremely lucrative (worth more than $2.3 billion per year), the government has failed to regulate the practice since it became […]

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More sugar industry interference: this time with ads warning of the health effects of soda

Last week, we learned that the sugar industry paid Harvard scientists to minimize the link between sugar and heart disease, blaming saturated fat instead. Unfortunately, scientific evidence isn’t the only thing the industry has been influencing: a soda company in Colombia has successfully pushed for the suspension of a television advertisement warning the public about […]

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New Report Highlights State Policy Options for Promoting Prescription Drug Access

This post was written by Katie Keith, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law. Any questions about this post should be directed to Controversy around the more than 400 percent increase in the price of EpiPens is just the latest in a year filled with stories of dramatic drug price gouging. Indeed, health headlines have been […]

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The Wild, Wild West of Stem Cell Regulation and the Lessons of History

This post was written by Andrew Hennessy-Strahs, a 2017 Global Health Law LL.M. Candidate at Georgetown University Law Center. Any questions or comments can be directed to September 14, 2016 marks the twenty-six year anniversary of the first successful human gene therapy in the world. Doctors in the National Institute of Health, in Bethesda […]

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